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Youth Volleyball Rules

Posted by Sarah Medina on 3/29/2014
Youth Volleyball Rules

I. The YMCA volleyball league is a recreational league focusing on skill development, teamwork, and the fundamentals of volleyball in a fun atmosphere.

II. Game/Practice Time
A. 3rd – 4th Grade
a. For the 45 minute “game time” teams will play 3 consecutive 15 minute games until time runs out.
b. No score will be kept for this age division.
c. Games will be played 4 vs 4 with a reduced size court (Badminton Court).
d. After each side out rotation will take place off the bench.
e. Encourage number of touches for players.
B. 5th – 6th Grade
a. There will be a maximum of 3 games of 21 points with rally scoring or maximum 45 minutes of play time. If all games haven’t been completed in allotted time the court monitor will announce 5 minutes remaining and teams will play the final 5 minutes.
b. Rotation will be at coach’s discretion knowing that all players are to play an equal amount of time.

III. Serving
A. Players will be allowed to serve from a spot on the court in which they can successfully serve over the net. (1st - 4th grade).
B. A player will be allowed two attempts on his/her first serve.
C. If the ball touches the net on a serve, it is a live ball.
D. If a ball touches the ceiling on a serve, the serve is lost and ball is given to other side (unless it is the first attempt as mentioned above)
E. For 3-4 grade. Underhand. For 5-6 grade underhand or overhand
F. Serving team rotates prior to serving (except for first serve).
G. No attacking or blocking the serve.
H. A player may only serve for 5 consecutive points, which results in an automatic side-out.

IV. Other Rules
Games will be played 6 v 6 for 5th -6th grade and 4 vs 4 for 3rd – 4th grade.
A. A ball landing anywhere on a boundary line is “in”.
B. 3rd – 4th grade will play on a 6 foot net and 5th – 6th grade will play on a 7 foot net.
C. Hanging on the net is not allowed.
D. Touching opponent under the net is not allowed.
E. Ball may touch net (except during service).
F. A distinct hit must be made. No holding, throwing, or catching.
G. Ball can be hit three times by one team in a volley. Player cannot hit twice in succession.
H. If a ball hits the ceiling and stays on the defensive team's side, the ball is still payable. If a ball hits the ceiling and travels to the offensive team's side, the ball is dead (sideout).

V. Equipment
A. Ball used: Volley Lite
B. Players must wear court shoes.
C. Knee pads are strongly recommended
D. YMCA will provide T-Shirts.
E. YMCA will provide end of the season awards for all participants.